Reaside Academy PHSE and SRE Coverage – Year 6

Y6 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Week 1 New Beginnings

Renewing and sustaining friendships/relationships

What is bullying?

Different types of bullying

Difference – What is the viction?

What is the perpetrator?

Its good to be me

Valuing yourself

Identifying your strong qualities

Being Healthy

Recap effect different substances have on the body

– smoking, alcohol


– why changes occur

– hormones

Relationships reproduction
Week 2 Qualities in friendships and relationships – What are they?

i.e loyalty, honesty, commitment

How do I support a friend? Its good to be me

Building self esteem

Being Healthy

Resisting peer pressure

Our changing needs as we grow

– transition

Biology of Human reproduction
Week 3 Changing relationships

Looking at commitment

i.e marriage/civil ceremonies

Cyber bullying

Internet safety

Social networking sites

It’s good to be me

Self image

Media pressure

Healthy Relationships

Changing and ending relationships

Manging strong emotions

Recap of internal body changes

– Menstruation

– personal hygiene

– wet dreams

– masturbation

Conception and birth
Week 4 Relationships

Family difference

Other types of bullying

Racial, gender, sexual bullying

Abusive relationships/rape.

Challenging stereotypes

Professions/Roles in the media

Becoming men and women

– Changing roles and responsibilities

Making responsible decisions



Week 5 Services that support us

Where to get help

Child line


Where do I get help?

– Support services

Aspirations – What do I want to be?

How do I get there?

What do I need?

Health Week Agony Aunt

Scenarios – What advice would you give?

Your questions answered

How germs are spread- bacteria/virus

(infections can be spread through sex – STI’s/HIV)


SRE block – All other modules to be taught as part of PSHE