Reaside Academy PHSE and SRE Coverage – Year 4

Y4 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Week 1 Friendships – Qualities of a good friend What is bullying? Being Unique

Recognising my qualities

Risky situations

What is risk?

From calculated danger

Growing and changing Building relationships
Week 2 Friendships

Getting on and falling out

Managing disputes


What is the victim?

What is the perpetrator?

Families – How they behave and what members expect of each other Making decisions – recognising risk/assertive behaviour

Knowing where to get help

Exploring body parts

names – introducing correct vocabulary

Emotional changes as we reach puberty
Week 3 What do I expect from a friend?

Valuing others

How do I support a friend? Different types of relationships


Staying Healthy

Knowing what things help and harm my body

Transition – different roles and responsibilities as we grow What is puberty?

Why it happens

External changes – Female

Week 4 Making choices/consequences

How my behaviour affects others?

Where do I get help?

Support services

Our changing needs – Changing friendships and relationships. Health Week Support Services

Where can I get help (signposting service, NSPCC)

What is puberty?

Why it happens

External changes – Male

Week 5 Recovering from setbacks

Dealing with your emotions

Staying safe


Body changes and rates of devlopment


SRE block – All other modules to be taught as part of PSHE