Reaside Academy PHSE and SRE Coverage – Year 3

Y3 Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Week 1 Friendships

What makes a good relationship/friendship

What is bullying?
Different types of bullying
Good to be me
Being unique
Differences between males and females Personal space What is my personal space Puberty
Basic external body changes
Week 2 Friendships
Starting a relationshipLearning to negotiate

What is the victim

What is the perpetrator

Good to be me

What am I good at?

Challenging gender stereotypes
Safe touching
Giving permission
Invasion of personal space
Managing personal hygiene
Week 3 Keeping the friendship going
Getting on/falling out
How do I support a friend? Healthy Weight
What I need to be healthy
Changes as we grow
Life cycles
Assertive/passive behaviour
Saying no
Managing your changing emotions
Week 4 Managing our emotions
Identifying and managing the high & low emotions
Where do I get help?
Support services
All about my body
Learning correct terminology
Family difference
There are different types of families
Good/bad secrets
When is a secret bad?
Basic Reproduction
Week 5 Coping with gossip
Dealing with difficult situations
Health Week Who can I talk to?
(Helping hand)
Question/Answer – Agony Aunt