Reaside Academy School Council

To help and support our school, our local community and our current worldwide concerns.

Meet our Reaside School Council Representatives

Year 3

Tyler H
Gabriella N
Mazie B
Jacob K

Year 4

Emily W
Ashley B
Ollie B
Wafa S

Year 5

Malachi K
Lewis P
Gracie-Mae F

Year 6

Emily T
Chamecia W
Ruby SD
Isabel C

Reaside School Council Staff Members
Miss Ferran and Mrs Wooldridge
We also like to thank Mr Hardy and Mr Downing for all of their support

School Council Annual Projects

At the end of every year, we like to celebrate our success by creating something special to go in our school playground. We all sign it, and try to look after it. In 2017 we made a Reaside Academy bench, and last year (2018) we made a frog made from tyres and planted some plants in it.

Our Project 2018-2019

Our Bench 2018 – 2019

We used an old school bench from the playground and decided to jazz it up!

We sanded it down, painted it, stencilled on the Reaside logo and then varnished it! All of the school council members had a job and after 2 weeks of hard when (when we could fit it in our busy school schedule) it was complete! We are still so proud of our bench!

Our Frog 2017 – 2018

We decided to make the frog as it was something we could look after as we decided to plant inside the tyres.

We made the frog using tyres, which we had to clean up. We then painted the tyres in green and asked Mr Downing to help out with the mouth and feet. Mrs Wooldridge had a great idea for the eyes and lashes! Our frog is still looking as good as new in the Reaside playground, and it really does brighten it up!

Events so far

Autumn 1 2018

We have had a very busy first half term already. So far we have arranged Macmillan Coffee Afternoons, and helped raise money and awareness for the Poppy Appeal by setting an art and design competition. Thanks to the PTA for all of their support with our coffee afternoons!

Autumn 2 2018

So far this half term has already been a busy one! We have raised awareness for Anti-bullying week by selling anti-bullying bands during our break times and organising a non-school uniform day. As it was a busy week already (week commencing 12.11.18) we decided to split the funds we raised with the Children in Need charity. We also organised to sell biscuits and cakes on Friday 16thNovember too.


Here are two year 6 school council representatives Ruby SD and Isabel C selling our anti-bullying bands. We sold all 100 of them raising £100 for the Anti-bullying charity! Well done guys! J

PTA involvement

We work closely with the PTA, in order to support their events, and liaise with the children in our classes where possible. This term we helped to make decisions about the Halloween disco, and we also helped to distribute information for them regarding costumes, prices and activities on the day. We are looking forward to the Christmas fayre to celebrate the end a fantastic first term!

Our aims for this year:

-Continue to prevent bullying at Reaside –we think we do a pretty good job of this!

-Charity fundraising

-Fundraising for the school

-Keeping our school and community clean

-Collaborate with PTA on school events

-Involve parents / carers in school life

-Be an advocate of the school

-Report to class after meetings