Reaside Academy School Council 2016 – 2017

To help and support our school, our local community and our current worldwide concerns.

Meet our Reaside School Council Representatives

Year 3
Jayden Choto
Daniella Treadwell
Gracie-May Fagan

Year 4
Mia Dagnall
Kian Blair
Emily Turner
Ashton O’Hare

Year 5
Peyton Joseph
Samuel Friar
Harrison Barrett
Jayden Fry

Year 6
Jamie-Leigh Worth
Craig Powell
Matthew Higgins

Reaside School Council Staff Members
Miss Ferran
Mrs Wooldridge

Events so far

We have been extremely busy this Spring term, and so far we have been successful in setting up our school recycling system, raising money for Comic Relief, and making plans to fund raise for our school. As a continuation of our support to recycle, we have arranged a local area littler pick, with Birmingham City Council. We are hoping to have all school councillors and eco-warriors participate in this event!

As a school we managed to raise £318.00 for Comic Relief. We organised the event to be a non-uniform day, wearing red if possible. We also arranged a cake sale, a running race competition and design a red nose competition. Winners are to be announced.

Here is a photograph of 4F on Red Nose Day!

Bench Project 2017

I am so proud of our Reaside school councillors this year, as they have been so successful and organised with their events and activities. School council have successfully raised money for charities, supported their local area with voluntary litter picking, and created an outstanding bench for our playground.

School council have cleaned, sanded, painted, signed, and varnished the bench, before putting it in the playground. A special thank you to Mr Hardy and Mr Downing for all their help and hard work too! Well done school council.
Miss Ferran and Mrs Wooldridge

PTA involvement

We work closely with the PTA, in order to support their events, and liaise with the children in our classes where possible. This term we helped to make decisions about the Halloween disco, and we also helped to distribute information for them regarding costumes, prices and activities on the day. We are looking forward to the Christmas fayre to celebrate the end a fantastic first term!

Up and coming events/ dates

Reaside Local Area Litter Pick – Wednesday 26th April
We shall help clean up our local area! (School councillors and Eco-Warriors to participate.)

Spring Term Aims

In the summer term, school councillors are hoping to raise money to support the students at our school. We want to make our school life the best it can be! We have set up a Pupil Voice Box on our notice board, where you can share your ideas on how to improve our school.

We will look forward to hearing all of your ideas, and we will do all we can to make as many of your ideas possible!