The Reaside Academy Curriculum and How Learning is Organised

We have two classes in each year group. Children will have a main class teacher and often a Teaching Assistant assigned to their class. Sometimes additional staff work with children in English or maths groups or for intervention work to help support or enhance your child’s learning.

All children experience Reading, Writing and Mathematics on a daily basis. Science, History, Geography, Computing, Religious Education, Physical Education, Art and Design Technology, Music, Personal, Health and Social Education, which includes Sex and Relationship Education, are sometimes taught separately and sometimes as part of the children’s themed work.

The themes for each term are;

In Year 3, during the Autumn Term Dinosaurs rule Reaside, Spring Term Chocolate is a favourite and in the Summer term we learn all about Plants.

In Year 4, Autumn Term we learn about Machines, Spring Term we study The Saxons and in the Summer Term Water.

In Year 5 study The Tudors in the Autumn Term, in the Spring Term – The Body and World War II in the Summer Term.

The Year 6 themes include The Victorians in the Autumn, Rainforests are visited in Spring and in the Summer Term we launch into Space.

Visits and visitors are arranged to support and enrich the children’s learning in each Theme.

Trips are subsidised as much as possible. When asking parents and carers to pay costs we allow as much time as possible to pay. Over a school year the costs will be no more than £30 per child unless it includes a residential trip or a purely fun trip in which case full cost is passed on to those who choose to go. £30 may sound like a lot of money but over the year that amounts to just 58 pence per week. It is worthwhile encouraging children to start saving to cover the costs. If you have any difficulty with funding trips and visits you should speak to your child’s class teacher. We may be able to help you.

We are delighted to be working with Artist, Hilary Baker, on a weekly basis. She is helping us with a historical timeline and with art installations associated with the different themes.