Break and Lunchtime

Children have a morning break at 10.30am and a lunch break.

Some refreshments are available for children to buy during morning break. These are carefully scrutinised for their healthy content and nutritional standards.

Chocolate, sweets and crisps are not to be eaten during break time and should be saved for after school treats.

Children can drink water at any point during the day and water bottles are provided for this purpose in classrooms. Fizzy drinks must not be brought to the academy. Apart from the health related issues of many fizzy drinks, they cause sticky problems when they leak in bags on work or clothing or are spilled.

All children stay on site for their lunch. They can choose lunches made in our own kitchen or can bring in their own packed lunch from home. We would encourage you to consider healthy eating options for your child’s home packed lunch.

If children are not eligible for free school meals, dinner money must be paid. The cost is £10.00 per week and must be taken to the Reception Office each Monday morning in a sealed envelope with the child’s name and class clearly labelled ‘Dinner Money’.

If a child is absent then credits will be carried forward to the following week. If a child is entitled to free school meals, evidence of benefits received needs to be shown at the Reception Office. Entitlement for free school meals must always be registered with us even if your child brings their own packed lunch. This is because your child is entitled to extra funding for support with their learning.