In order for a child to be given every opportunity to achieve, attendance is vital. The Minimum Target for Attendance is 96.5%. Attendance below this will significantly affect your child’s progress

However, if absence is unavoidable please:

  • Telephone the academy to inform us that your child will be absent and provide a reason.
    We do operate a system of first day calling. However it is your responsibility to contact the academy. Please note that only the Headteacher can decide whether absences are authorised or unauthorised. Parents can not authorise absence they may only offer a reason for not sending their child to school. The Headteacher will then decide if the reason justifies authorisation for the child to be absent.
  • Advise the class teacher or the Reception Office, as soon as possible, if your child has dental or medical appointments during the school day which can not be avoided or booked at another time out of school hours.
    A copy of the letter or an appointment card should be provided for authorisation by the Headteacher

Please also note

  • Holidays must not be booked during term time and will not be authorised. You may be subject to a fixed penalty notice or further action
  • Absence affects learning and friendships
  • Being on time for the start of the school day is essential. Learning starts at 8.50am
  • Being late affects your child but also impacts on everyone else in class
  • 10 minutes late each day = 50 minutes per week – a whole lesson!
  • Continued poor attendance or punctuality will result in a referral to outside agencies which will result in Court action against you.


  • 365 days in a year.
  • Only 190 days are spent in school.
  • 175 days are spent at home.
  • This is just over half a year for your child’s education.
  • If your child is 15 minutes late every day this can mount up to 2 weeks over a school year.
  • 95% attendance means your child has missed 10 days of school during a school year.